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Every dog has a story.

The stories they create become part of a greater story in each life they touch.

About Us


We are Mark and Rachel Conwell. After getting married in June of 2007, we decided to grow our family by parenting a dog. As a young boy, Mark had always wished for a Golden Retriever. That desire did not change as time passed, so the search began.


After what seemed like the quest of lifetime, we found our family in Shilo Goldens. For a year, we waited patiently to learn that we would be having a boy. Samson, "Shilo's What Legends Are Mayd Of", was born on June 8th, 2008. From the day he came home, we have fallen even deeper in love with golden retrievers. Every day since has been a blessing as we have continued to grow our family with Lilah, "Shilo's For Your Eyes Onlee", and Barnum, "Shilo's Greatest Sho On Earth". 


To honor Samson and extend his legacy, we have named our kennel after him. A parable, another word for a story, is often used interchangeably with the word legend. Samson began a great story in our own lives and will always be legendary to us.


Every dog has a story.
The stories they create become part of a greater story in each life they touch.


We look forward to being a part of all of those stories through our dogs.


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